Department Name:


Officer & Staff Name with Designation:

Papri Rani Das Mukhopadhyay,F.E.O.

Brief description of Work: The Fisheries Department works to cope up with the growing needs for increase in production of fish by way of exploiting all the available impounded water resources The scope of activities involves in multi-directional fishery related activities. At block the department deals with fish farmers.

List of Schemes/Work Covered:

A.    Cultural Schemes:

  1. Air Breathing Fish Culture

  2. Culture of monosex Tilapia

  3. Jal Dharo Jal Bharo

  4. Distribution of IMC fingerlings and lime to small water bodies


B.    Distribution of fishing net (Both fresh and marine)

C.     Bi-cycle with insulated box to fish vendors (Both fresh and marine)

D.    Fish Farmers Day –Awareness to motivate farmers

E.     Workshops

F.     EWS Gitanjali Housing schemes

G.    Training (Both fresh and marine)

H.    Awareness camps

I.       Fisherman’s old age pensions

J.       Fisherman Identity Card (Both fresh and marine)