Department Name:



Officer & Staff Name with Designation:

Satyajit  Das, Joint  B.D.O.(Nodal officer)

Sujit Biswas, Deputy Secretary(PS)

Prasenjit Ghosh,B.I.O.

Papri Rani Das Mukhopadhyay,F.E.O.

Rose Tigga Lakra,  Sr.D.E.O.

Sk. Arif Mohammad, B.L.F.

Brief description of Work: The department deals with different housing schemes for rural peoples to provide house to homeless.


List of Schemes/Work Covered:

  1. Banglar Awaas Yojana (PMAY-G)

  2. EWS Gitanjali

  3. EWS Gitanjali for Fish farmers

  4. EWS Gitanjali for Destitute Minority Women under DMWRP